Victor Steen Pensacola Florida SCLC

Victor Steen

Born in Pensacola, FL
He lived with his mother, Cassandra Steen, at 906 East Maxwell St., Pensacola, Florida.
Victor had 2 Sisters, 2 Brothers, and 9 Nieces and Nephews.
He loved to sing, especially about Jesus Christ
He was attending PJC Adult High School

For additional information you may call Art Rocker, Chairman of the State of Florida SCLC,
HQ in Pensacola, Florida. Cell Phone Number 1-850-450-1982

Victor Steen News

Birthday Vigil For Steen—(Press Release Posted)—

City Council meeting in Pensacola Florida concerning Gerald Ard being on Police force.We act responsibly and effectively in this situation to honor Victor Steen and try to do something about not letting this be swept under the rug?—

Protesters Want Change At The Pensacola Police Department—


WITNESS RECOUNTS WATCHING PENSACOLA PD OFFICER MURDER TEEN VICTOR STEEN He watched 17-year-old Victor Steen Die with No Help from Officer Jerald... —

PROTESTERS Calling on Florida Governor Charlie Crist to ban tasers (PASTOR ANDERSON VICTOR STEEN... 52 people have died in Florida after being tased by police. "Thetree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots... —

Ard back to work—

Protest march in Pensacola—

Taser makers say don't aim at chest—

Deadly chase brings new look at stun gun use—

SCLC Stands in Support of the Family of Victor Steen: Seventeen Year Old Killed By Police Cruiser After Being Tasered—

Victor Steen Memorial Service—

Hundreds attend funeral of teen killed by police cruiser—

Community says goodbye to Victor Steen— News


Victor Steen Funeral—Photos—

Silent March Planned For Steen's Funeral—

Silent March to honor Victor Steen—

Ghost Rider—

Family works to find good in teen's death—

Victor Steen Believed to Have a Gun—

Family Members Vindicate Victor Steen's Memory—

Pensacola Police Changing Taser Policy After Death—

Teen’s Death Prompts Taser Ban—

Pensacola police update Taser policy after teen's death—

Death prompts ban on Taser use from cars—

Death prompts ban on Taser use from cars—

Taser policy updated—

Pensacola Police Officer,Gerald Ard hit's Victor Steen—

Pensacola police change taser policy—

PPD revises Taser policy—

Death spurs protest—

Death of 17 Year Old Leads To Protests—

Mourners rally Victor Steen death—

Lessons to learn in teen's death—

Locals Gather to Protest Teenager Victor Steen's Death—

Protest planned over chase death—


The family of a teenage boy, killed by a Pensacola Police cruiser, is speaking out today—

Family mourns death of teen—

Protest over teen's death—

Investigation Of Teen Run Over By Officer Could Take Weeks—

Investigation continues in teen's death—

Police Drive By Taser Kills Seventeen Year Old African-American Pensacola Youth—

Victim ID'd as teenager in fatal police chase—

Bicyclist Killed By Officer Identified—

Police Chase Victim's Identity Revealed—

SCLC Reaction To Fatall Accident During Police Chase—

Police Chase Leads To Fatal Accident—

Teen killed in police chase identified—

Victim identified as teen in fatal police chaset—

Bicyclist Killed By Officer Identified—

Person Struck by Police Vehicle Identified—

Police involved accident investigated—

Man Killed By Pensacola Police Car— News

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